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100% Organic Raw Almonds, Whole - 1lb

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Our Raw Organic Almonds are sprout-able. Our almonds are imported from Spain and unpasteurized, i.e., they are never irradiated, steam pasteurized, or chemically sterilized. Our almonds are still a raw food with their nutrients, fats, and enzymes all intact.
When eaten in moderation, almonds are a waistline-friendly snack known to boost heart health. Among the nuts, almonds pack the lowest calories. Eating almonds with meals significantly lowers the glycemic index of the meal and lessens the rise in blood sugar after eating.
These non pasteurized organic almonds are a unique variety from Spain. This particular variety will always have a few almonds that are bitter. These are not dangerous to eat, but they may have a slightly unpleasant taste to some. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this as this is organic and the variety is of very high quality!

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