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About Us

Karmalize.Me is our humble attempt to start a business which uplifts individuals and communities and in doing so forever changes the way people do business!

Karmalize Me is a play on words “Karma Lies (in) Me”. Simply put,  if you do good, good comes back to you. 
We believe that businesses should be all about uplifting people and communities. It should impact people’s lives, their neighborhoods and the environment in a positive way. And so, we created Karmalize.Me with the intention to do business that truly touches peoples soul.
Our commitment to you is that everytime you buy a Karmalize.Me product, we will give 50% of our profits from your purchase to the cause/charity of YOUR choice. All you have to do is to create an account and list the name of your charity that is registered as a tax-exempt organization with IRS. In essence, when you buy a Karmalize.Me product YOU dictate the change you want to see in the world. That we think is very powerful.
Shubhra and Amit are meditators (been meditating 15+ years), philanthropists (support education of 10 kids a year through “Care for Children” charity), and volunteer 7-10 hours a week for the Art of Living Foundation teaching the Happiness Program.
Shubhra, also known as Shubhipedia, is an avid reader of everything under the sun. Shubhra has majored with Masters in Computer Science. Prior to starting Karmalize.Me,  she worked in the finance industry…she was doing all the things right but somehow happiness was fleeting. And that’s how she started her journey on Karmalize.Me in pursuit of happiness.
Amit, also known as Soup King, loves to experiment (on people) with new recipes. Amit has majored with masters in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. A great team leader, he has a penchant for successfully implementing complex projects. He is passionate (an understatement) about doing things that touch people's lives positively. And that’s how he started his journey on Karmalize.Me.